Bamboleo, El Virus

Llora!  Grita!  The virus is taking you down… from back when Alain Daniel was still with them… but an incredibly young Tania Pantoja is the singer, and there’s a backup singer who can dance… in the grand Bamboleo style…

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Ballet Rakatan

Ballet Rakatan, finds a very nice balance between presenting the Rumba tradition with the production values of Broadway, costumes of Porgy and Bess, and the actual spirit of Cuban rumba.

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Charanga Habanera, post-90’s, pre-cubaton

After the hard timba of the 90’s was pretty much over, David Calzado experimented with adding a “pop” tinge to his timba arrangements.   In the same general time frame, Los Van Van — always experimental — were putting out their successful tune, TimPop = “Timba con Pop”.

Both bands had moderate success, so they went with it for a while.  Soon though, CH did better when they put more regueton (“cubaton”) in the mix… like Gozando en l’Habana… unfortunately for hardcore timba fans!

I always like active crowd scenes in Cuba, so here are  a couple that combine that element, with good dance music that CH is known for…

Hit Parade:

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Paulito rocks the Tribuno in Havana…

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Los Timberos De Juanelo

From Cuban TV show “Super Doce”, a few years back, a fine young rueda was featured… here they are!


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—– item —–

Cuban dancers – speaking in generalities now – find the smoothest… laziest… and  amazingly… the absolute easiest ways of doing tricky things.  I like the way this switch from contratiempo to on-1 is done.

The gents are dancing on-1 when the ladies come out.  When the ladies start stepping, they hit the 8 and 4 beat hard (8…2-3-4)… i.e., contra-tiempo.

Check the lady in black, she does the switch as a kind of swish thing with her right foot. After the swish, she’s stepping on 1 with the other ladies… even if the others don’t quite do it so fancy ;-).

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